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Found 2 results

  1. A Father, Son, Bruce Springsteen and Independence Day
  2. I just finished up Let's Go Crazy, Prince and the making of Purple Rain by Alan Light. A fine reconstruction of the makings of that film and album who's main competition in the charts was Born in the USA. The albums swapped the number one spot a couple of times on the Billboard charts. A recommended read for any fan of that album with some fun references to the Boss. Apparently even the Springsteen was the only other live artist and band leader he admired. Considering Prince already fully inhabited his own purple universe by then it appears Springsteen was one of the few things from the outside world that penetrated. Also nice to read how they both handled their fame very differently even then. There's a funny confrontation between Prince's entourage and the Boss in some mall where Springsteen walked on his own "looking like a bum" and Prince band with tons of security. It also gave a few insights in how paralyzing fame of that magnitude is for the creative process and how both artists responded in comparable fashion by coming back with left field albums and firing their band in a bid to downscale their career and regain some control over not only their life but creative process. There drive to be in control of the creative process seems very much open for comparison even though I do get the impression Springsteen was slightly easier to work with for his band. I would very much welcome a book or a documentary that focuses on the Boss-mania of '84 in the same fashion this book did for Prince. From the fab-four of that era I do think a case can be made that only Springsteen managed to maintain some of his relevance after the advent of Grunge and Hip Hop changed the musical landscape. Though that can just be the fan in me talking. I am glad that he did not suffer such a frustrating decline as Prince suffered.