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Springsteen fan since?

Does Mary's dress wave or sway?



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  1. CALLING OUT AROUND THE WORLD: Holly Cara Price needs our help in her fight against Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, over six years on now. If you're a friend of mine, you'll know I love Holly and how much she's given me and many of us over many years. Holly contributed to my Point Blank fanzine way back when, almost before I knew any other Bruce fans. A legendary and longtime fan and supporter in so many ways (she's too modest and selfless to say, and it would take too long to elaborate), as fans, so many of us owe her more than we know. Suffice to say that if there was a Hall of Fame for Springsteen fans, she would immediately qualify for induction as a founding member. Even without any of that massive contribution, anyone who knows her recognises that as a friend she is one of those magical people that change your life when she touches it, and I'm forever grateful for that. She is an extraordinarily talented writer too, as her posts in the link attached show. She has so many plans, and hopes to give so much still. Fiercely independent for so long, it's been a huge step for her to ask for help, so let's please respect her courage and do what we can to assist. Please give what you can, and share the link to her campaign. If you can fundraise, please do, and share again. If you can't give, please share the link anyway, however you can. She's shared so much; now it's our turn to share back. Love you, Holly... Dan xx