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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy For the past few weeks, I've been working on and off on a live concert compilation. I got the idea after listening to "The Turnpike is Closed, Nobody Goes Home" compiled by EarlMV. I really liked listening to it, and originally planned this project as an upgrade to that, better quality sources (replace an okay AUD tape with a SBD, FM, or IEM mix), and other ideas. It quickly grew from that into simply making my own altogether. So I present: Two Lanes, Two Hearts started with me asking myself the question "what would be my dream Bruce concert, that if I saw, I'd be perfectly content". That grew to a 36 song setlist from nearly every era of Bruce. Everything from Pre-BTR, all the way to Wrecking Ball. I should mention that this is my list and a metric shitload of personal preference and opinion is used. Both with sources and song choice. It is planned to be 4 discs worth, though it could be more or less depending on how long each song ends up being. I am posting what disc 1 is going to look like, others will come later. Disc 1:
  2. Download Link These 4 shows are pretty similar in setlist. So I started thinking about a compilation with this in mind, the best version of each song performed over the 4 nights. I started work on this compilation around a week or so after releasing "Two Lanes, Two Hearts", my first fan compilation. This one was remarkably easier to make for one reason: All the tracks are from the same source, (Godfatherecords 'The Boston Godfather' box set, sourced from Steve Hopkins master tapes.) So every track would be of similar quality due to being from the same source, which made mixing easier. Since I didn't have to rely on loud bits of audience to mask the transition, or weird fade-outs to accomplish the same. I also wanted to get this done quickly so it wasn't ruined for me. Having worked on TLTH for around a month kinda ruined listening to it, since I remember where the fades are, and end up focusing on them instead of the music. Checksum and Art included Enjoy!