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  1. So this was the big one… the show I have enduring and special memories of. I did the roll call thing with my nephew and we ended up in the pit. Instead of trying to be right at the front of the stage, I suggested we stand at the back of the pit against the walkway he was inevitably going to come down. And it paid off. And the setlist… My God, the setlist. I had a bucket list of songs for the tour, of course, and some did not get played (Jungleland and Racing were not aired at all in SA) but songs I genuinely did not think I’d see played live on the tour (or ever) came out that night… 4th song in, Bruce shouted to Morello “Hang on Tom!” and Ties That Bind started… High Hopes after that and then the unmistakable riff to Bruce’s incredible version of Jimmy Cliff’s Trapped… I’m gobsmacked. Trapped goes into The Professor playing an instrumental interlude… I’m thinking, can this be? And then Bruce hits a chord on his guitar. I turn to Chase, my nephew… “Jesus, ’78 intro!!!” Playing the audio back now it wasn’t the best recent version of PIAN by far, not even close, but there and then on the night, live, not too far away from me, it was absolutely perfect. I think how do we follow this, and they start Darkness on the Edge of Town. Somewhere in that 15 or 20 minutes I knew this was going to be special, The one, the concert I would go on and on about for years to come. Things slow down a bit… Bruce talks and starts a spoken intro to what becomes Spirit in the Night. The infamous “My balls disappeared’ monologue. And that was the song during which he and Jake came through the audience on the ramp. I actually don't often try to take pics or videos at shows. I really like to try live in the moment and be there, not looking through a little screen, and 9 times out of 10 after the fact you have crappy video anyway, but I took a chance that night. Here is the unedited clip I took, complete with my fingers over the lens at times. Somewhere around the 37/38 second mark, when I'm focused on nothing, is when the fingers to my right hand are touching the same ones that played that intro to Prove it all Night a short while ago. My humble, undeserving hand has touched the amazingly small, sweaty hand of the god I have always hoped I would see on stage one day, let alone be mere inches away from or touch his hand. I know you guys will understand. I also did not expect him to walk back, before the crowd surf, and sit in front of me, facing me toward the stage. (I do suspect the cute blonde with the shrill voice had more to do with it than me ) Having some technology today i did not 4 years ago, I was able to get some pretty cool stills from that video... Most of the rest of the night was a happy, goofy smile on the face blur. Some brilliant Seeger Sessions type takes on songs that had the crowd moving. The beautiful We Shall Overcome, dedicated to Pete Seeger who had passed away that day, and then it all ended with another unexpected surprise, a solo This Hard Land. I remember clearly, watching Bruce turn and walk off the stage, down the steps to someone waiting for him (Landau?) and raising his fist in triumph. My take on that was 'yes, Sunday night was close but tonight I had them... Tonight we did it!' Lastly, once again I went through the SLV from that night, and this is what I wrote on the show once I was back here at home: Hi Guys Back at home in Jozi... Have to go back to work tomorrow unfortunately, and I will miss N3 but I have Saturday to look forward to. A couple of points... Yes, being in the pit last night made this show far more memorable and magical than N1. But, as I predicted, the people at N2 were the people who snapped up tickets in minutes when they went on sale and were the proper Bruce fans, including several SA muso's I've paid to see live, rocking out to seeing Bruce just like the rest of us fans! Sunday night's audience were the LAST people to buy tickets, and hence the most casual fans. The energy in the stadium tonight was very very different... It was something special, and this was confirmed by an Italian couple next to us who have been to a hundred and umpteen shows, who turned to us and said afterwards "that was a very special show, top 3 for us..." so, take that as you want... I could also see Bruce was happier, loving the show, Steve interacted more. The Seeger Sessions arrangement of Open All Night was a highlight, as was Cindy coming up front to do a few songs, including the incredible version of We Shall Overcome (I would not be surprised if BS.Net uploads that one to the website) and This Little Light. And... We stood against the ramp Bruce runs up into the crowd, and yes, he touched my hand.... And I have an incredible video of him right by us during Spirit... I had to take the chance, he was right above me. I will upload to YT and post the link when I've done so if anyone would like to see. Guys, something I want to point out because I've seen it mentioned here a couple of times; Yes, there were black folks at the shows, more last night than Sunday. And they were rocking out with the rest of us. The audience being mostly white is not about black people being unable to afford the shows, although that would be the case for some I'm sure, but it's the simple fact that THEY DON'T LISTEN to Bruce Springsteen or rock music as a general rule... Rhianna, for example, was out here a little while ago and that was a far more mixed audience of kids from all backgrounds because that is her audience... It upsets me to think people here think the audience was 'segregated' in any way. So, both nights were amazing. Musically, both had incredible highlights for me. But when all is said and done, I still can't believe that just a short while ago I was still dreaming of seeing Bruce live. Now I've touched him and been centimeters away from him... And seen and heard him and experienced just how incredible he is... Even more so than I could ever have imagined.
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