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  1. Right, big apologies if this sort of thread has been done before. I'm not sure I've started many threads but thought this would be a cool idea. Now that well over a year has passed since our own River tour experiences - be it attending a show(s), following the SLVs, or buying the accompanying downloads (or like me, guilty of all three!) - I figured it'd be cool if people shared their thoughts on them as I only really read positive things about the tour (side point: although I never got to experience the 70s/80s/90s Springsteen I can't help but think this tour was peak, if not classic, Springsteen - huge number of enormous shows, consistent performing of some of the longest shows of his career etc.) So go ahead! What is it you remember fondly about this tour? What was your favourite show you went to and why? What's your favourite download from this tour? Or favourite individual performance? I remember leaving the Manchester show and thinking "I am not patient enough to wait until Copenhagen" and buying a second hand ticket for Glasgow on the drive home (I wasn't behind the wheel!). Glasgow was my first experience of the queue and I got the train up there real early, before making my Uber drive to the ground as if it were a Bond film. It was one of the nicest days of the summer and it was so hot, but as I didn't want to spend my show going back and forth to the toilets, so I barely drank anything all day. My patience paid off though, and I got pretty much front and centre as Bruce and Co. put on an incredible show - compared to my position on the halfway line at the Etihad in the rain, it was phenomenal - the band all seemed in fine form too, making the most of the rare cloudless sunny days in Britain! Being that close for a Springsteen show for the first time made the whole thing a highlight, but I've always loved I'm Goin' Down so when he played those opening chords I was in heaven! Highlights from the other shows I attended were Backstreets in Manchester and then LOHAD, BITUSA, and I'm on Fire, in Copenhagen, both enjoyed with great company! Copenhagen in particular was spectacular with the stadium roof closed, some really cool lighting effects going on. In terms of downloads, I have those three shows mentioned, as well as the free Chicago download, the Brooklyn Purple Rain download, Milan 2, Paris 2 (I was meant to go to this with my dad but he forgot to tell me and I had booked to go on holiday. Major regrets, missing Iceman, Lucky Town and a full River performance), MetLife 3 and Philadelphia 1. Those last two in particular are crazy good, and among my most listened to shows, including the archive stuff (again, PEAK Springsteen ) Too many download highlights to pick from, but I'll say Iceman, Racing, Secret Garden, Take it Easy, The Fever, and Thundercrack. Anyway, rambling. Much longer post than anticipated, back to work! Please feel free to share your own thoughts (so that this thread doesn't bomb!) (Edited title)