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Springsteen fan since?

Does Mary's dress wave or sway?



Found 5 results

  1. Bruce Springsteen Book For You Did you miss out on owning one of the best-loved Bruce Springsteen books of the last ten years? For You Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen's Legendary Fans is a limited edition book published in 2007. It has been sold out since 2009. It can be occasionally found on eBay and Amazon on auction for $300+. We are thinking of producing an exact reprint of the original book, including all the amazing stories and rarely seen photos. Two hundred and eight pages jam packed with memories and photos from fans in over 30 countries. We are reaching out to the Bruce Springsteen fan community to see if there is a large enough interest to produce a reprint of the book to allow those fans who missed it the first time another chance. Please help share the news on Facebook and Twitter with other Bruce fans to see if we can make this happen. Take the For You Bruce Book Survey Now.
  2. Hello! I am searching for people who currently or at one time contributed to Springsteen fanzines (as founders, publishers, editors, authors, artists, photographers, designers, etc.) published in the US and abroad to participate in oral history interviews about your experiences with the zine, as well as your history of being a fan of Springsteen; how and why you decided to create or work on a fanzine; the processes you used to create for the fanzine; and your thoughts on the future of Springsteen fan writings. No contribution is too minor and no fanzine is too small – even it only had 1 issue and a small print run, I’m very interested in talking with you. These interviews will, I hope, lead to Springsteen Zines: An Oral History of Springsteen Fanzines, a large-format, full-color book that reproduces pages from fanzines with selections of oral history interviews. All selections will be made in collaboration with and with the consent of the contributors. As with my other book, all proceeds will be donated to BruceFunds and the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection. Our conversations will preferably take place by phone, Skype, or GoogleHangout, and a recording will be made so I have access to what you’ve said later on. You will receive a copy of the transcript. Due to my language limitations, interviews will need to be in English, but if you want to contribute and don’t speak English, we can probably find a way for that to work. Our conversation will last between 45 and 60 minutes. I may need to contact you with some follow-up questions. You will have the option of granting permission to donate our interview (in part or in whole) to the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection so future fans and scholars have an opportunity to learn from what we discus. If you are interested in participating - and I certainly hope you are - please click on I'M INTERESTED, which will take you to a form that will ask you for your name, your email, and which fanzine(s) you worked on. I will reach out from there. Interviews will take place this summer and fall. The form page is part of a larger project web site I created to give you more insight into who I am and what my goals are. I encourage you to explore that, too. I’m an Associate Professor of Communication and Media at Saint Joseph’s University, where I teach classes that investigate how people use various writing technologies to compose. I am also a huge Springsteen fan and have published on him and fan writings in the past. This post appears with the permission of the GreasyLake administrator. If you have any questions beyond what I have written here, please do not hesitate to ask. And if you know someone who was associated with a fanzine, but is not on the forum, please direct them to the link above. Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. I look forward to speaking with you soon. All my best, Bill Wolff Associate Professor Communication and Media @billwolffsju
  3. Hi guys. Hope you're all well. Bit of shameless self promotion here of my band North Wall Cosa but also actually quietly hoping some of you dig this new EP we have recorded. Any feedback, sharing or help anyone can offer is VERY much appreciated. We're based here in Grimsby in the UK. The track "Live Through This" features my friend Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner on lap steel from the band MARAH who some of you may know. Facebook - Please give us a like and share the tracks if you think they're worth it. Girls On The Corner Shelter Live Through This All Talk
  4. Hey all - I've got a business trip in Pittsburgh and won't be able to make the Tuesday, June 5th show. I'm in Row P in the Orchestra, looking to trade for any other day besides the week of June 4th. I live here in NYC so i'm flexible with regard to dates. Help! Jennifer
  5. A Father, Son, Bruce Springsteen and Independence Day