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8 hours ago, Thunder Roadie said:

Anyone read the books? Are they any good?

The first three are good.  I found 'A Clash Of Kings' slightly harder going, but that may have been because a lot of new characters were introduced.

GRRM lost the plot a bit with books 4 and 5.  They are largely concurrent, but each follows different characters.  The story and characters come back together in the second half of bk 5 'A Dance With Dragons', but they do ramble a bit, especially bk 4 'A Feast For Crows'.
I recommend reading one of the fan-made spliced-together versions, so you can read both books together.  Much better, and it wouldn't surprise me if one day it gets published in this form.




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And that's a wrap. 

I read through some of this thread after watching the last episode and tend to agree with the sentiment that the show went a bit downhill over the last season or two. 

But overall a pretty damn good show. Not as good as Breaking Bad or some other favorites. I'm glad I spent time bingeing through this one.

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