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Clarence memorial wallpapers wanted

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Hey, I was just thinking that I'd love some memorial wallpapers to rotate through on my PC and laptop. If anyone feels like putting some together please reply here. I, and I think a lot of other fans, would be most appreciative.

I've made the suggestion to Backstreets, since they did such a great job with their Follow the Tour wallpapers a couple of years ago.

Heck, if anyone can even throw up links to some high resolution photos that would be a start.

Thanks, and peace,
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NYCS, Michelle & Tille,

Wow! Thank you for the suggestions and wallpapers. Much appreciated!

[quote name='New York City Serenade' timestamp='1308837978' post='2041366']
Taking the photo [b]Tille [/b]posted, I centered it and here are two versions...


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Made this one ... Big Man, Big Man, Big Man ... it's so [i]bizarre[/i] to realize that we won't see and hear him again !

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