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What's the last film you sat & watched?

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I'm surprised there's not a topic like this. Anyway... Moonrise Kingdom.

Finally saw Three Billboards this weekend. Excellent flick!   I have never seen Frances McDormand be any less than outstanding, in any role she assumes.

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Saw the Downton movie. It was basically the show in movie form, silly and frothy but beautiful. It’s nice to spend a couple hours with old friends. 

One of the downsides is 1930s fashion for women is pretty awful, unflattering stuff. The costuming made the most of what was available but other than Lady Mary’s ballgown nothing knocked my socks off. 

Springsteen movie trailer in my theater. :D

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Looking For Johnny: The Legend Of Johnny Thunders, from 2014.

Terrible documentary, just reinforcing the focus on him as a junkie, focusing on that instead of his incredible guitar style or his songwriting abilities which are only talked about, they're praised, and not SHOWN! Just awful.


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13 going on 30

i think im exavtly the right age to appreate this movie

predictable and the story has been told before although possibly not through the music of my youth! 

but light releaf with a nice predictable happy ending



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Boy Erased.

Disturbing that this actually occurs. Sending your child to essentially a day camp to reverse their homosexuality.

Good film with good performances. Russel Crowe sticks out in the film as the preacher father of the boy. 


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