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What's the last film you sat & watched?

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I'm surprised there's not a topic like this. Anyway... Moonrise Kingdom.

Finally saw Three Billboards this weekend. Excellent flick!   I have never seen Frances McDormand be any less than outstanding, in any role she assumes.

Posted Images

what the hell happened to the photo above for Experiment In Terror?!?


well anyway...



I now watched, from 1943, The Hard Way starring Ida Lupino as the older sister of Joan Leslie's character, who becomes this "stage mother" type, ruthless, horrible, domineering, etc, to her younger sister, who is musically talented and just wants a way out of their shitty small town, God she's manipulative. This was quite good. The acting great, esp. by Lupino. Both were in High Sierra just two years before, with Bogart.

Good entertainment, saw it on TCM On Demand. Not a classic or anything, just a good film.

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The DVD version of one of my top 3 favorite movies ever, The Night Of The Hunter.

MUCH easier on the eyes than the Blu-ray, which is far too grainy for my tastes (though not as much as the Criterion Blu-ray of 12 Angry Men, or what I've seen of The Killing by them also). Just got it on DVD this past day, have been watching the HD stream on Amazon Prime until now. A masterpiece in any form.

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The Stranger, from 1946, starring Edward G. Robinson as an investigator from the War Crimes Commission searching after a Nazi.

Super film, my third time seeing it. (I couldn't decide on what on cable that I had or hadn't seen before, so chose this. Great film.

One of the most spectacular endings I've ever seen in a film! :)

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A really weak movie from 1951 called On Dangerous Ground, starring Robert Ryan and Ida Lupino.

Ryan, of the classic boxing/film noir movie The Set-Up, here played a tough city cop out to solve a murder.

Lupino played the killer's sister, a blind woman living in the country all by herself.

She was so completely unconvincing as a blind person it just ruined the film for me, which seemed like no great shakes either beforehand.

The first performance I've seen of her where I was disappointed. This whole film left me disappointed. And it's NOT a film noir no matter what anybody says. In fact, it's almost like an attempt to make a couple of different movies within one; that never works.

Except for some good, but tiny bits of dialogue about loneliness, this one was a washout for me. (And THIS I can get on Blu-ray, but not the movie I love from last night, which is only available as a DVD with a damaged-looking print; it figures...)

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Too Late For Tears, starring Lizabeth Scott (Loving You), Dan Duryea (Scarlet Street), Don Defore (Ozzie and Harriet), Arthur Kennedy (Peyton Place), and Kristine Miller. A good, but not great, film noir. What does a woman do when a suitcase filled with 60 grand (1949 dollars) falls into the car her and husband is driving?

I LOVE that title though - and that image is great too. The film was just good. Some entertainment if ones likes film noirs, but by no means one to start with.

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The Harder They Come.

Iconic and vastly overrated.

I love the music, that's it. The early scenes with Cliff wanting to make a record were okay; most of it I didn't like.

I'd seen it before a couple times in my life, didn't like it before, and wanted to give it another try, esp. as it's so high praised, and I didn't know what to watch.

I'm sorry I wasted my time.

I still love the soundtrack CD.

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22 hours ago, soulcrusader78 said:


The Brave One (1956). Good film. Written in part by Dalton Trumbo.

A boy and his pet bull. From more innocent times.

one day im going to sit down and watch your top ten best old movies :)

i don't mind b&w 

its like subtitles, after a few minutes one doesn't even notice 

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36 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

one day im going to sit down and watch your top ten best old movies :)

i don't mind b&w 

its like subtitles, after a few minutes one doesn't even notice 

oh thanks Daisey Jeep! ah I don't even know what my top ten are!

There's The Night Of The Hunter, Roman Holiday, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.....I'd have to think about it....I have so many favorites (The Brave One isn't!)

Most of the movies I watch are in black and white....I never really thought about it

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Laura, from 1944, with Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews.

My third time seeing it; I enjoyed it the most the first time, a couple years ago or near that.

An okay movie, overrated, but it's okay. The first time was the best for me for this murder mystery.

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The Virgin Suicides on Criterion Blu-ray.

A great movie to me, I just got the Blu-ray the other day, and I don't have a region-free Blu-ray player,

so I could not choose to get the French version which has the colors correct. Criterion did something really weird with this;

it's not all tinted teal, like they did to wreck Midnight Cowboy and Bull Durham, but they messed with this anyhow;

this site called caps-a-holic shows what they did:



Really strange. a much different viewing experience than what I saw on Amazon Prime a little while ago. Some scenes worked, most of it looked fine, but sometimes it didn't, and it wasn't the natural colors as shown on the French Blu-ray caps above, and on IMDB.

DVDBeaver shows some images too; a very strong change. Colorful but not always for the better by any means.

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Moontide (1942) starring Jean Gabin and Ida Lupino, on DVD.
Just got this today, saw it a little while ago on you tube, and while I was glad to see it,
this is much better picture quality. (It still sounds like "Natzi" when Jean's character Bobo [originally called "Frenchy" in the script, which Gabin insisted be changed] calls Claude Rains' character Nutsy by his name) (note: if new to it, the back cover gives away the entire story!)
A great film, which I watched the BTS/making of 25 min. doc. on the DVD about it, found out that Salvador Dali created this montage to display a drunken night that was rejected! Rejected by the studio (though what they had was still great looking - I can only imagine what was originally made). And Fritz Lang started on this film but quit etc., the original story had to be changed/censored heavily for the screen, etc., etc.
Great film, the DVD labels it as film noir, some call it proto-noir, but it's really impossible to categorize. It has a dreamy look and quality about it.

Ida Lupino's character and her neediness is the best thing about it. She is the suicidal waif he saves very early on in the movie. Ida's so great here.

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The Sea Wolf from 1941, starring Edward G. Robinson and Ida Lupino. Fine supporting acting by Alexander Knox and John Garfield.

Incredible movie. Robinson plays one of the worst, most evil characters (in a movie) and Lupino speaks dialogue in some scenes that speak to my own soul. A really excellent movie. Worth the $2.99 rental from Amazon.

Not either's best film, but still fantastic.

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Deep Valley (1947). Amazing performance by Ida Lupino as this incredibly shy, stuttering, farm girl whose abuse from and being chained down by her horrendous, selfish parents has left her stuck and in a terrible way; she meets con played by Dane Clark.....very good overall but the best parts for me are early on, where she is just extraordinary. I could relate to it greatly, the early scenes of the terrified. traumatized character of Libby.

(Later the movie just turned into kind of a lesser version of High Sierra, in a way, but was still very very good)

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