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What's the last film you sat & watched?

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On 5/27/2020 at 11:20 AM, soulcrusader78 said:


The DVD version of one of my top 3 favorite movies ever, The Night Of The Hunter.

MUCH easier on the eyes than the Blu-ray, which is far too grainy for my tastes (though not as much as the Criterion Blu-ray of 12 Angry Men, or what I've seen of The Killing by them also). Just got it on DVD this past day, have been watching the HD stream on Amazon Prime until now. A masterpiece in any form.

I'd been searching for this one for ages as I'd heard nothing but great things. I eventually found the film split into ten 10 minute parts on Dailymotion. Not my ideal way to watch a film by a long shot, but with this one I felt I had to take what I could get. 

Loved it. Loved almost everything about it with the exception of the ending and young John's change of mind. I've read about what it's supposed to represent, but despite that I thought it derailed the film a tad. 

That being said, Robert Mitchum's performance in this is one of the greatest I've ever seen and at the end of the day all discussion should be about him and how damn great he is at being pure evil.

On 5/28/2020 at 8:57 AM, soulcrusader78 said:


The Stranger, from 1946, starring Edward G. Robinson as an investigator from the War Crimes Commission searching after a Nazi.

Super film, my third time seeing it. (I couldn't decide on what on cable that I had or hadn't seen before, so chose this. Great film.

One of the most spectacular endings I've ever seen in a film! :)

Another one I watched for the first time earlier this year. I'll be honest in saying I didn't overly enjoy it, though I did think the ending was the best thing about it.  Funnily enough (and I think this might be a cardinal cinema sin) I feel exactly the same way about The Third Man. Didn't think much of the first 1/3 of the film, but the finale was spot on.

Welles and his chase scenes, ey!

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4 hours ago, Thunder Roadie said:

@Soul Crusader where do you get the time to watch all those movies?

...and as you favour older movies, is The Searchers as good as they say it is?

I'm no Soulcrusader that's understood, but I'll happily offer my own thoughts on The Searchers as I love talking about it.

One of the most beautiful looking films I've ever seen, I watched it again towards the end of May and kept thinking about how I need to visit Monument Valley someday. John Wayne's performance as Ethan Edwards is his most compelling of all 200+ roles, more so than his Oscar winning role as Rooster Cogburn for me. He's reprehensible, a nasty man who we have no reason to like, but because of his task to find his niece we must support him and pray he doesn't let his hatred of Native Americans result in him making the most unforgivable of actions. 

And It all concludes with one of the best shots ever.

The Searchers gets a lot of criticism today for its depiction of Native Americans, which is entirely just, but while I've seen many people tell others not to watch this film, I think films such as this are historically important and we're able to learn from them the same way as in History lessons at school. And, of course, we ultimately realise that Ethan Edwards' arc doesn't have the happiest of endings. 

I included it on my list of essential list of films to watch in Quarantine - I might change that title to say Anytime: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/25-essential-films-to-watch-in-quarantine/

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10 hours ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

After those replies I might as well mention that I finished watching Being John Malkovich about half an hour ago. I thought it was alright, nothing really great. 

K have you seen a movie called Jennifer 8?



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No Country For Old Men.

I enjoyed it.  But I had to watch it in two instalments, I just can't seem to stay awake long enough to watch a whole film these days.
Sofa's too comfy.  :D

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