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What's the last film you sat & watched?

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I finished watching a movie I started on last night, before watching Mystery Train, and got a whole 98 minutes into it, before giving up, as 1) it was too damn boring and long and 2)


I could not take how abusive De Niro's Jimmy character, the husband of Liza Minnelli's Francine, got to her - and she took it like a doormat. His character changed from the beginning, he got so bad it was like Travis Bickle or him in Raging Bull to her - almost. Not quite.

But I finished it now. From 1977, it has Clarence Clemons in it - playing a sax player - wow, what a stretch. I was too bothered by this movie to enjoy his presence in any way.

This movie I just could not recommend. I loved Liza Minnelli in it, but otherwise, no thanks.

I was interested in seeing it because it was inspired by a movie I had loved, and still like, starring Ida Lupino called The Man I Love, which Scorsese himself had restored, if I read that right before.


God I hated De Niro's character in this.

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A movie that moved me to tears.


The Sterile Cuckoo (1969), starring Liz Minnelli and Wendell Burton, with Liza winning and Academy Award for her incredible performance as Pookie Adams.

Wow. I can't even put it into words, this movie. This person can and did (also did with New York, New York), with spoilers galore [i.e. only should be read by people who've seen the movie])


What a film.

And I guess I love Liza Minnelli now. (do I?) I wasn't expecting this......



During a sad part in the movie, I actually had the lyrics "I know your heart is breaking/I can feel it too, girl" enter my head for a moment (from Take 'Em As They Come, of course).


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On an old, cropped to fullscreen, DVD.


Best not to analyze the obscene wealth (750 million is now 2.223 billion, something like that), or the alcoholism, or the lack of chemistry felt between Moore and Minnelli; this is great is you just need a laugh like I did, tonight.

The first half mainly. But it's a very good movie. Sir John Gielgud is very good in it too, with Moore providing most of the laughs of course.......

I hate that tagline used in the poster above (image taken from Wikipedia, but...)

I was going to watch another movie I'd never seen and rented, but it seemed too weird, though I probably will try again, got another 40 hours on it or whatever....

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Cabaret (1972). My third movie of the past 12 hours with Liza in it, the 4th in the last couple days. Done for now.

My first time seeing this (only Arthur was not new to me).

This was with some moments; her acting is great her singing is great and she's very beautiful, but the whole idea of enjoying the decadence of Berlin then and all the Nazis I just couldn't take. This was best when it was the personal issues of her and Michael York's characters. And her singing, esp. liked Maybe This Time (though she hits some amazing notes in the title song).

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Blue Velvet.

Well the upgrade of the Criterion version, thanks to the half off sale this month, was really nice, great depth,

but I've seen the movie too many times now, 3 times in the past 5 weeks app.

I still do like the movie, but no movie has the same impact when seeing it this much, let alone in a short period of time.

Isabella looked spectacular under the lights onstage (beautiful lighting) while singing Blue Velvet (what else?) - and in the previously lost footage, that dog onstage a that club, the Slow Club, still would have been the best part of the movie!


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The Man With The Golden Arm.

My 4th or so time seeing this. This one has to have my favorite acting performance by Frank Sinatra. (also a great performance by Eleanor Parker....and maybe by Kim Novak too, who looks SO great in this, I....)


Anyway Frank stars as a heroin addict named Frankie Machine but known to most as Dealer (cause he knows how to deal a crooked game of cards - hence his other nickname, the title of this movie), with Eleanor Parker as his wheelchair-ridden wife, Zosh, who depends on him and gives him so much guilt it...reminds me of someone I knew....and also Kim as the girl, woman, he loves, but can't see, because of Zosh...


with Arnold Stang as his friend, Sparrow. And a couple very familiar actors as members of the whole drug-dealing and gambling scene out to corrupt Dealer.

Just a really powerful movie, painful at times (a lot of times!) to watch, really hard-hitting, I love this movie. Saw it via HD stream, another mystery of those missing-from-being-on-Blu-ray movies (there's dozens of them for me).

Directed by Otto Preminger. Great score too. This is just a flawless film to me.


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La La Land on Blu-ray at the week-end.

Saw it twice in the cinema when it was released.

Still as brilliant today as it was then.

Great acting, great music, great story, great sets. Woonderful direction.

Everything you could ask for in a movie.

Probably my favourite film of the last 20 years.

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The Devil And Miss Jones.

From 1941.


This movie stars Charles Coburn as the richest man in the world, who (this is at the beginning so it ain't a spoiler), gets mad over people protesting him and wanting to unionize, which he sees in the newspaper, and decides to go to work undercover in the shoe department in the store (yes, it's very realistic). He then meets Jean Arthur (wonderful as usual), her agitator boyfriend Robert Cummings, and also worker Spring Byington.
I really like this. It's my second time seeing it ever and I think it's really nice. It's got heart.

There are some really nice moments in this.

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Little Caesar (1931). An okay movie, just a gangster one, and by NO MEANS the movie Edward G. Robinson should be remembered for. This can't even come close to his later work. It's not up there by any MEANS with his performances in Scarlet Street (a meek married man who is a cashier and paints for a hobby who gets used by this woman), The Stranger (he's hunting down a Nazi living in America; he's the real star, opposite the always-top-billed Orson Welles), or Soylent Green, or The Red House, or Our Vines Have Tender Grapes - he had REAL range.

You won't find that here.

A decent film, outdated sure, but it's okay.

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The Blu-ray of a musical I've always loved:

Popeye, from 1980.


Just came out on the 1st.

The original artwork before some industry "genius" completely fucked it up:




Anyway a totally great looking Blu-ray of a masterpiece.

All songs written by Harry Nilsson. The direction, casting and cinematography conjures up the town of Sweethaven from the original Thimble Theater comics and brings it to live amazingly. This was a true artistic triumph.

Good fun.

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Been binging the studio Ghibli movies recently on Netflix, having them on there takes away the hassle of having to track down the DVDs every year. I grew up on these films and they only get better with time. Kiki's Delivery Service or Howls Moving Castle are my personal favorites but Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are definitely the best.

Also went to see the original To Be Or Not to Be at the theater a bit earlier this week, had never seen it before and honestly I wasn't expecting it to be nearly as funny as it was. Because it was made during WW2 it has a different feel to other Nazi comedies made posthumously, comes off as less insensitive or "edgy" as it might've otherwise.

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I saw While The City sleeps with Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino, and others (inc. Vincent Price).

It was alright, not as good as I remembered it.

A story about this guy called "The Lipstick Killer" who, well, likes killing women.

Good to put ya to sleep to. FUCK IT.

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