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What's the last film you sat & watched?

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This is The End.

Nothing with Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill will ever be as good as Superbad for me, the funniest fucking move I've ever seen, but it's pretty funny nonetheless. A lot of cheese which was the point I assume, but there's some hilarity moments. Love how they play themselves. Never even heard of James Franco before but I now love him. He's a bit of a dick in the movie, apparently he's staying true to himself. But I guess other than being an actor, he's also been a teacher and author. Smart dude.

I'd recommend spending the money to see this at the cinema.

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A Good Day to Die Hard

SO HORRIBLE!! Every critic was right and cant believe they are making another one. The first three were fun, even the fourth, which didn't feel like a Die Hard movie, wasn't too bad but this one...feels nothing like a Die Hard movie at all. The problem...they changed the John McClaine character too much. It feels like every other Bruce Willis action movie.

This is 40

The unofficial sequel to Knocked Up. Love this movie. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, who played the same couple in Knocked Up, have such great chemistry and it's a Judd Apatow movie so usually it's a winner. Leslie Mann, Appatow's wife, is arguably the funniest female actress around today and Rudd...I love his brand of comedy. Oh and the two little kids, Apatow's real life daughters, steal every scene they are in. There is also a funny scene involving some Philadelphia Flyers players...i'm a huge Flyers fan!

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Much Ado About Nothing - saw this on Monday. Great once I got accustomed to the thees,thy's and forsooths! Very funny in places and quite poigniant in others.

Paris Je t'aime - 20 x 5 minute moments set in Paris with love as the theme - some worked for me some didn't. Some big names crop up throughout.

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I watched Identity Thief last night. It was better than I thought it would be. It was funny, I enjoyed it. I would recommend if you're in the mood for some mindless entertainment. Melissa McCarthy is a funny actress.

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