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What's the last film you sat & watched?

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Blimey. What a cultural vortex in the Skyjocky household!

I thought The Artist was exceptionally well done. Tree of Life should have won the Oscar(s) though.

Hunger games?!

I agree with you, except I never saw Tree of Life -- it's still on my "see" list. As I said, I thought Midnight in Paris should have won, although I didn't have any problem with The Artist winning as it was my second choice.

I have had no desire to see Hunger Games.

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Just Go With It (Jennifer Aniston). I'm on school holidays! I needed some light entertainment! The two kids are good :)

The Bad and the Beautiful (Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner). It was on TV a few afternoons ago. I heard it was a classic so had to watch it. Great stuff!

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Last nights movie. Courtesy of film4 and it's excellent frightfest season. It was unexpectedly nasty and really entertaining. Highly recommended for almost all of the family.


Watched this last week. Yes it was ok. Best thing is the "what would you have done" debates that follow such films. The IMDB is worth a visit to check out the user suggestions as to what they would have done - highly entertaining! :lol:

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Our Saturday night movie was The woman in black. A pretty good premise with some well timed 'jumpy bits'. Terrible acting from Harry Potter though. Totally wooden and unconvincing throughout. Although I guess it would have taken no way near as much cash with a lesser known actor, so I guess they know what they are doing more than I do.

My biggest gripe though is that the UK gets a cut/toned down version compared to the rest of the civilised world just to enable them to get a 12A cert. Obviously with having HP on the poster, the last thing they wanted was for half their target audience to be locked out.

I honestly cannot imagine any parent thinking their 12 year old would be mature enough to handle what they allowed through, which makes the decision to censor the rest of us even more grating.

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