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What's the last film you sat & watched?

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The Good The Bad and the Ugly.

Hadn't seen it for a long long time, what a great film. Beautifully shot, absolutely stunning to look at. Eastwood was at his most charismatic but Eli Walach is so good he often steals the scenes, god bless him. No words can describe how good the soundtrack is.

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Watched "The Iron Lady" the other night. I enjoyed it much more than I expected--Meryl Streep was pretty amazing. It was certainly much sadder and more tender than I expected, as well...

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"Paranormal Activity 3" on Halloween evening (I'm a bit behind schedule with that franchise and didn't even notice that part 4 is currently playing in theaters until a few days ago). Loved the first two, but this one was a major disappointment. There were admittedly a few good scenes here and there, but not enough to hold the entire movie, and the ending - which obviously is the" meat and potatoes" of every film in the series - sucked pretty much.

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Excellent - if perhaps a little overlong with the final action set-piece.

Judi Dench owns the film.

I can agree with this. Just came home 1½ hour ago.

As for this thread. I have made it a mission to watch two movies weekly (usually weekends) for the past many moons. I could update with an extensive list of movies I have seen, or seen again. There are quite a few :unsure:

Yesterday it was a movie called "Citizen Gangster". Quite good for a low budget whioch I assume it was. Then tonight it was Skyfall and in 20 minutes time it will be American Pie - The Reunion.

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