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The 2013/14 LFC thread.......... mid-table here we come?


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Several people have told me that Mignolet was the best keeper in the prem last year.

He's gonna need to be. I reckon.

Andrew old bean, official squad-counter, just exactly how threadbare are we at the moment? (assuming Reina and Suarez leave)

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Is Suarez still an LFC player?

I can't be arsed to look, I'm past caring.

Andrew if you can get back to IOWA and resume your offical duties as LFC squad-watcher, I would be most grateful.

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dear mr joady

i got off a plane around 6pm yesterday and did not go home instead I went to see a movie about some guy called Bruce Springsteen so I am still about a

day away from getting around to checking on our beloved mighty reds in detail - dont even know how they did in asia and Oz!

so is this right

alberto, aspas, mignolet, toure in?

shelvey, reina out?

first team playing squad of about 22 so 2 up from last season and thats counting kelly as a new player in reality

however alberto, coutinho, sterling all under age players so we at the moment will only register 19 players

a quick check of some message boards shows that not surprisingly the other so called big teams in manchester, north london and chelski all need to still sell or loan players

to get under the 25 man limit so we definitely arent in their league in terms of depth.

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I thought the whole Saurez beef was he wanted to leave the UK.

Liverpool stood by him (especially Dalglish), when I don't think they should have. The whole shirt with the picture on was very badly judged.

Suarez owes LFC, but that means nothing to someone like him.

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I saw a pundit last night saying that [the cannibal] will be great will be a great player for someone for years if he can just learn some self-control. What makes anyone think that is even remotely possible?

Will be a great player? He is. Still a tit.

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No time for it. I actually think the club should take him to court for a breach of his contract

It seems he now wants to take the club to court for breach of contract! Maybe the club didn't stand by him quite enough during his race row so he wants to repay them

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