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The 2013/14 LFC thread.......... mid-table here we come?


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Read the Times and the Guardian yesterday (sports sections only - not the boring, real-life bits), only four differnces in what they felt was gonna be todays starting XI.

Experts and pundits - who needs 'em, eh?

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If he ever gets the defence sorted out, who knows what they might achieve?

Still looking very vulnerable on set-pieces.

If the gooners win tomorrow nite, its as -you-were for the top seven.

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Brilliant result, sterling looking great over the last month, we are so dangerous and can score against anyone. Very much a trait of united over the last 20 years, plenty of goals in us.

The same problems in defence exist. Midfielders and defenders who just let teams shoot. Backing off too much. Same with crosses players who allow opponents to cross the ball.

Didn't like Gerrard so deep, and his interview about him being told he will play there more scares me.

New fullbacks, a partner for sakho a midfielder of quality and maybe an attacker over the next two windows and we will be set to challenge next year.

I find coutinio so wasteful, a bit of an enigma for me.

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doughnuts, coffee and ice cream there's got to be some good jokes in the Mighty Red's latest sponsorship...


Well there certainly seems to be a large hole in the middle of the defence...........

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possibly worst performance of the season - henderson only 6th worst player in the team and he was BLOODY AWFUL.

Come on, get over it already with your Henderson obsession, Andrew.

He is there to stay and I am okay with that. I rather want one that work hard every time than one who play well maybe 5 games and is shitty most others.

Team played bad, but there were quite a few significantly worse than henderson.

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