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November/December Australia Tour (inc Perth)

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Yes it was really emotional. Because he is older but we are older too. I was in my late teens when I first heard Bruce and became a fan and in my twenties the first time I saw him live so to see him now when I am middle aged and he is freaking nearly 64 yrs old is kind of strange in a sweet way plus we have lost so many people along the way. So I cried a lot during This Hard Land and part of that was thinking how it might be if I never got to see him again..It means a lot to him and to us older fans I think because this is kind of coming to an end in some ways whereas when we were all twenty years old it was like we were all going on forever and ever although we thought 30 was the end of life as we knew it, :D

wow, id love to have seen him throughout the years like you have.It must be quite something, following him this long.

It must be very satisfying as well that after all these years hes still playing epic concerts and making fantastic music.So many people burn out or fade away but not Bruce!

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OMG i dont care who he brings with him

but he;s actually ganna Be here in march !!

we are not forgotten

thank you Bruce

faith will be rewarded

Tom Morello is coming and he was fab. in Sydney! I wrote "Faith will be Rewarded" on the huge aussie flag I took to Sydney! It's on loads of photos, Backstreets, fb...and I so love that 'photo of him you have! Where did you get that from?!

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That Aussie 60 mins interview is on Sunday August 18th. Showing for Kiwis on 26th August.

thanks for that -i feel left out alot of the time

please someone remind me closer to the time -60 min is on a channel i dont watch much

i guess i could go mark it on the calander ......

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