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Which NON-Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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3 hours ago, took me long enough said:

All Tom, all day. 


I never properly got into TP until after his death and it’ll be one of my biggest regrets, I think - I would have loved to see him and the Heartbreakers live. 

I can’t explain how important his music is to me now, just an incredible artist with the most impressive catalog - not a weak album on there. 

Will be listening to some of my favourite tracks this evening... Trailer, The Wild Ones, Forever, No Second Thoughts, the whole of Southern Accents, the list could go on and on!

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Largely inspired by TP, I recently bought the Byrds album collection - some wonderful music, this being my standout so far 


I’ll chuck this into the mix, too. A bit weirder but I can’t stop listening - this was shown on prime time BBC tv (Mercury Awards) and what a breath of fresh air it was to have this sort of music playing to such a large audience - the song may not be up your street, I can easily understand why, but this is one of the strongest television debuts I’ve ever seen by one of the strangest new bands around - bare with the song until it all goes mad towards the end!!


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heart of gold from way back when  

Gary must be feeling a bit better 

he has been doing lots of u tubing music  this afternoon after not listening to much for the past 2 years

his sterio is still in its moving boxes 

but im happy because he is drowning out the neighbour yelling at her kids 

' get in side or ill fuck your head '

charming isnt she 


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49 years ago. I remember it was October, but I've lost the exact date - it was a Saturday night, but not Halloween, so the 3d, 10th, 17th, or 24th. All-boys boarding school in the New England fall chill, and our one and only dance that term with a girls school bussed in for the occasion, Newton Country Day of the Sacred Heart. Slow dancing with the beautiful girl with waist-long straight blond hair.

Her name was Keri. 


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