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Which NON-Bruce song are you listening to right now?


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45 minutes of pro-shot Jackson Browne, '86 at The Hit Factory in NYC

Setlist: 01 - Running On Empty 02 - Rock Me On The Water 03 - Doctor My Eyes 04 - Rosie 05 - Something Fine 06 - The Pretender 07 - For Everyman Musicians: Jackson Browne - vocals, guitar, piano Scott Thurston - guitar, piano, vocals Mark Goldenberg - guitar, vocals Jeff Young - Hammond organ, vocals Kevin McCormick - bass, vocals Mauricio Lewak - drums, vocals Luis Conte - percussion Vonda Shepherd - vocals


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John Williamson

Flag of our own


He's an Aussie

Its really good

Its about Ned Kelly (and changing the Aussie flag) its probably really old now


I used to listen to loads of him.

I have about 15 cds and cassettes

I don't have a problem with eith the Aussie or NZ flag 



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I've listened to countless versions of this. For the record, after Leonard himself I'm most partial to KD Lang's. But watching this today just reminded me how much I miss live music and those special moments. This looks like such a marvelous setting. Oh, to have been there live to revel in the music, to let the tones wash over me, literally to bathe in the vibrations. Enjoy!


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Celtic Connections has just finished for another year, it is the only music festival I go to, great music and great atmosphere all two and a half weeks. We usually go to the "Roaming Roots Review" concert on the last weekend, last year it was a tribute to Bruce to mark his 70th birthday and was a sensational evening, this year, like all the shows at the festival it was played without an audience but was available to view on line, which we did last Saturday. The "house" band are Roddy Hart and The Lonesome Fire, they are excellent, here is a taster of last week`s show, where the theme this year was songs for survival, for obvious reasons.

Three sisters The Staves performing earlier in the week.

And a final thank you video from the organisers, hopefully we can all be there in person next year.

A lot of hard work by many people went into making this happen in 2021, thanks to them all.

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