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After this tour Ends

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Has he ever done the sequence of Rocky Ground-LOHAD-We Are Alive in concert? Because I think that's stunning on the album (like, Meeting-Jungleland or Racing-Promised Land-Factory levels of stunning) and it must be incredible live.

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It's great being a member here. That way you can read others opinions of how crap Bruce's songs are!

For what it's worth, i think Wrecking Ball will appear regularly in E Street shows for as long as the happen. Death To My Hometown and Shackled are going to hang around for the foreseeable as well.

We Are Alive is a stunning song. Lyrically one of his most powerful ever.

Still, every one is entitled to an opinion.....


sometimes you gotta pick you battles and just walk away .................

i often hope Bruce never ever reads anything on here

i actaully love the sound of swallowed up in the belly of a whale

gives me Bruce bumps

as i said id like to see it / hear it, in a solo set

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