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Since there is no Chelski thread


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Shit happens. Of much more concern to me is the question of why Cesc Fabregas has been so incredibly, Torres-like awful since he came back from his injury.

Because Fabregas always goes into hiding after christmas. That's why Barça fans had enough of him and were happy to see him go

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That John Terry missed penalty in Moscow?

If he hadn't ham-shanked it, Chelsea could have achieved one fifth of what LFC have in Europe's major competition.

But he did.

And they didn't.

I remain

the seeker of truth and justice.

Yours truly,

Bad-poet Kenney.

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What we used to call in Merseyside a fur-coat-and-no-knickers sort of club.

Whose only success is funded by relatives of Russian power-brokers.

And whose only support comes from racists and bigots.

And MM in Az, who is a top, top bloke that needs to find a club more worthy of his support..

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chelski are apparently about to sign a Japanese player called Muto presumably because they have a new Japanese sponsor and then loan him out to vitesse Arnhem after he has played

the preseason tour with them presumably they will sell a lot of shirts on their upcoming Japanese tour which will probably cover the entire 4m quid fee

I know this has been done before with Inamoto at Arsenal. Toda at Spurs, Miyachi at Arsenal none of whom made more than 5 appearances for the club but sold a lot of shirts and tv revenue in Japan - at least Kagawa at Man U played a whole season I think

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