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Since there is no Chelski thread

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KEPA ON THE BENCH will he refuse to sit there???

Where was the captain to grab him by his balls and drag him off the field? I'd be fuming if I was a Chelsea fan. KEPA DISGRACE

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Chelsea might have to sell some players as Mr Abramovich lost a bit of money according to latest Rich list & now he's only got £7.2 Billion. Not sure if he'll be able to help in any Big Transfers!.

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Gary Neville makes some valid points for Chelsea haters who call the clubs play "boring". It's a "spot on" article and worth a read:


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nbc just said that chelski wont be given the trophy against Liverpool but against sunderland - will the sheikhs of abu dhabi not hand it over or something??

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one of the things the nbc folks concentrated on was how few players Chelsea used this season compared to other teams only 22 - 2 of whom were sold at xmas (Schurrle and salah), one of whom joined at xmas and played rarely (cuadrado) and one of whom played less than 2 minutes of footie (loftus-cheek) all season so basically a settled 18.

a very settled side and obviously less injuries than other sides.

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