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Bruce and Patti on supermarket gossip mag

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I was in the supermarket checkout line this afternoon and saw a teaser on a gossip rag about Bruce and Patti. Only instead of "He's cheating!" or "She strays!" the article was actually titled something along the lines of (forgive me, but I didn't buy the magazine) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN SPILLS SECRETS OF HAPPY MARRIAGE!

I cracked up that the most controversial thing they could find to print about Bruce and Patti was, "They're happy! Read about how they've made their marriage work so well for so long!"

I actually hope they sell a lot of copies of that issue, so that maybe those kinds of stories will replace the takedown pieces!

BTW, I was going to title this thread Bruce and Patti Marriage Scandal! but I figured that would get too many people mad at me!

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