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The Gaslight Anthem- Live in London DVD.


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I just got a hold of the Gaslight Anthem's new Live in London DVD today and I have to say, I'm a little disappointed with it.

Here's why:

  • There are way too many camera changes. I could only listen to a few songs before having to turn it off as I was getting a bit dizzy.
  • Brian's voice is bit off: I'm no expert when it comes to signing voices, but it sounded weak in patches. Maybe the audio wasn't so great?
  • The venue (not the crowd) feels boring and a bit too crammed for my liking. They played a lot of festivals and they are filmed so why not release that footage on DVD?

Overall, I'm glad I only payed sixteen bucks for it. The DVD isn't great but it's not terrible, just a little worse then I was expecting. Then again, I did not have great expectations...:D

Hopefully they put out another DVD sooner or later. I'm looking forward too their next album too.

Anybody else bought the DVD?

Thoughts on it?

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