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a really weird thing -hope its not a virus

Daisey Jeep

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This has only just started tonight

but every single thread on the main page of a forum has a little green link

Also i keep getting pop up kind of really wierd things like odd news items - postal worker claims she threw money in the garbage

woman delivers her own baby on city bus

Car key penatrades mans food durring karatte class

what is BMN today?

Im not touching the links

Greasy lake isnt into advertsing is it

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ok i did a system restore back to yesterday and it didnt help

man shoots four teens after looking at girlfriend

im not sure if im in the right forum now

maybe the problem is with me .......

man arrested for steeling Mylie Cyrus' blow up doll

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Download and install and run Malwarebytes (free edition) it's the best malware cleaner around. The paid version is even better since it stops infections in real time. It's the program most techies use.

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I ran it and it found no problems


It did say it was 4oo days out of date

......still have little green links and weird news items going on

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You updated the Malwarebytes database before scanning?

Have a look at this article.


Check what add ons your browser has, I'm thinking you must have an active add on that needs to be disabled, or a pop up blocker that needs to be activated.

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