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"Breakup albums"


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Sinatra represents the kind of music my parents generation listened to. Schmaltzy crap. There was an Xmas special starring Sinatra and Bing Crosby shown by the BBC a few weeks back. Boring. I just don't get it. The musical equivalent of Dulux Emulsion. I can't even pretend to enjoy it. He may well have had some influence on Springsteen and others but I still don't get it. I prefer early Tom Waits - similar style but more honest and 'edgy'

Maybe Dylan will give this material a bit of an 'edge'.

I think that they are songs that Sinatra has sung, but they are also American song book songs, so it's not really a tribute as such, if you see what I mean, the reviews suggest Dylan adds an honesty to them and the experience of his years too. It's on pre order but that means nothing with me and Bobby.

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