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"Every Breaking Wave" - A Film By Aoife McArdle

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This is a short film by a Northern Ireland film maker Aoife McArdle. The film is a 13 minute video about a "love story" set across the sectarian divide of the early 1980's in Belfast. It follows two teenagers, one is Catholic and the other is Protestant who fall in love during "The Troubles". Their story is akin to "Romeo and Juliet" in some aspects but does not follow the arc of the famous play instead the director carves out a new twist for the film. This story plays out in a time when the streets of Belfast were virtually a "war zone" full of violence, animosity, and tension. The film's music is centered around "Every Breaking Wave" and "The Troubles", two tracks from U2's latest album - "Songs Of Innocence". The film opens with the punk rock band Stiff Little Fingers and their infamous Belfast anthem - Alternative Ulster. This is a beautiful video and really is a effective snapshot of this time period in Northern Ireland.


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