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The greatest video ever made - the player, staff, fans and King Kenny singing YNWA after the game if you don't cry watching this you are probably dead inside https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news

Went yesterday, first time in two years. An absolute fantastic day, rounded off with meeting Mo after the game in the petrol station. 

Go ahead and kneel José. 

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4 minutes ago, newcastle roy said:

Question two, how do you get there ? 


That reminds me of a (possibly apocryphal) tale from many, many years ago.


George Best, young and in his pomp, was due to play in a testimonial game at Partick Thistle.

Anyway, he's driving through the West End of Glasgow looking for Firhill and he's lost.

So he stops the car and asks a cop "Excuse me, how do I get to Partick Thistle?".


"Practice son" came the response.

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4 hours ago, Perisic said:

I genuinely shed some tears I'm a mess.

Me too. It was a 5am kickoff for us, and I'm still buzzing here at work late morning.  My son went to school absolutely psyched.  

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5 hours ago, berlintramp said:


To win - with your best players missing - against Barca - !!! :wub: 

Not to take anything away from Liverpool, you were fantastic, over both legs, but people should stop overestimating Barça. 0-4 in Paris, 0-3 in Turin, 0-3 in Rome, now 0-4 at Anfield, in between several poor away performances like at Stamford Bridge or against United. I've been saying it, this Barça can't handle pace and intensity. Liverpool has both. Deserved winners!

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Genuine question for @doesthisbusstop once he’s been released from custody and the remote control has been successfully removed from his cats anus.

When Liverpool signed Fabinho I asked what he was like. He said something like “just a downgrade on Can”. Time to fess up. Had you ever actually watched him play?

Nothing like Can and about 100 times better. He was insane last night.

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31 minutes ago, Cozmic Kid said:

It is so easy to ignore facts and solely blame LFC fans for what happened back in the 80s.

What are the facts?

I don’t not really like talking about this sort of thing given the lives lost but I honestly thought it was just down to what happened at Heysel?

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On 4/29/2019 at 11:08 AM, dr winston oboogie said:

I tend to agree with you Leo, I think Liverpool will get at them and I take them to make it to the final over the two games.

This from April 29th--you heard it here first---Liverpool were fantastic on a fantastic night for Anfield, reminded me so much of our greatest night at Pittodrie when we beat Bayern Munich on the way to winning the Cup Winners Cup in 1983, many tears that night also, the old stadium has never seen a better night.

Liverpool, last night, reminded me of a team once managed by Sir Alex Ferguson, you score 2 we will score 3, you score 4 we will score 5, they just refused to be beaten and had a tremendous team spirit and never say die attitude, although great players like Ronald O and Messi can win games on their own, 90% of the time it is the collective team who will win, which is why I also said earlier that Ajax winning the cup would be a tremendous thing for the game of football, although I fear it is too late to be saved from the money men.

Barcelona went through the motions hoping that 3-0 would be enough and were not up for the fight with it mattered.

Andrew you can phone me any time.

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