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New Balance Home kit for 2015/16 season. Thoughts?


Its red.

It says: LFC

Its says: NB

It says: Standard Chartered.

Mercifully, it doesn't say any more than that.

For this, we have to be thankful.

Personally I will never be completely happy until they revert back to the 1965 kit. A timeless classic.

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The greatest video ever made - the player, staff, fans and King Kenny singing YNWA after the game if you don't cry watching this you are probably dead inside https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news

Went yesterday, first time in two years. An absolute fantastic day, rounded off with meeting Mo after the game in the petrol station. 

Go ahead and kneel José. 

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on the liverpoolfc website the ad for this is the Gerrard version - obviously the marketing geniuses aren't up with the news

you can also buy a Suso version (sold to inter milan) jack robinson (sold to qpr a year ago) and someone called peterrsson???

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Enjoy your moment DTBS. It's painfully obvious that Gerrard has not been the player he once was for about 3 years now. The fact that out of admiration, Stevie is played only hurts the squad as a whole. Famous slips and record breaking red cards are indicators. When I think back to the squad LFC had under Raffa Benitez- Alonso, Torres, Arbaloa, Mascherano, Kuytt, Hyypia, and Reina. It is absolutely shocking how far the club has drifted. I think LFC can thank their lucky stars that they managed to hold on to a talent such as Suarez for so long. The reality of LFC is that they are a Top 10 club and that is it. During the summer, the club and owners are going to have to take a good hard look in the mirror and make some serious changes, spend some serious cash and expand the Anfield seating capacity if this team ever hopes to be considered a "Big Club" again.

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Well done the Villa.

Glad they've got something to cheer and hope they win the final.

Difficult to see how LFC can move forward at the moment.

Sad to say but it's been coming awhile.

They are now just another Spurs.

The seeds of this were sown many years ago.

Oh well , only a game...................

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This wage bill list further proves that LFC do not have the financial clout to compete with the "big four clubs" as evidenced by their 5th position rankings on this list. We all know there were a lot of "lucky" factors last year that gave LFC a chance to win the league but that window has firmly shut and unless some serious $$$ comes rolling in and Brendan (or a different manager) + all other LFC backroom staff start making some "smart" choices in player acquisitions, then "the reds" better get used to finishing 5th and 6th on a regular basis.

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I'm fairly sure that's right GVC - as I say, another Tottenham.

The stadium improvement has come fifteen years too late - they've been at a financial disadvantage for at least that long.

Even if Jurgen Klopp comes along, as some fans .to want, he's still gonna have the same transfer and wages budget as Brendan.

The one thing I would take issue with is your use of the word 'lucky' in relation to last season.

They played the best footy and many neutrals thought they deserved to win the title. Nothing 'lucky' about that.

Thank God the cricket season is up and running :)

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At least Rodgers has today admitted LFC over achieved last season. He used those very words in fact. Probably only said it to keep his job but there's no doubt he is the perfect manager for LFC.

Rodgers may have a less slanted attitude on this than you Neil.

The problem with the concept of 'over achievement' (as you use it) is that it only applies to LFC

For example you would never concede that MUFC have ever 'over achieved' like when they had an exceptionally good manager (at domestic level).

If you did, I could begin to take this argument more seriously.

LFC were not lucky last season.

Chelsea are 'lucky' in that they got a rich sugar daddy to buy them success.

But LFC coming second above Chelsea, MUFC and Arsenal, all of whom have deeper pockets and higher wage bills?

That's not 'lucky'.

And it's not 'over achievement'.

It's just called being good.

In the same way that NUFC winning sod all for half a century isn't 'under achievement'.

And MUFC coming seventh isn't 'under achievement'.

Or MUFC winning the same number of trophies as LFC this season (zero) despite having much more money and spending (how much?) on Di Maria, isn't 'under achievement'.

Its just called: being shite.

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It's difficult for MUFC to over achieve, unless we win the CL next season. That would be over and above any hopes from LVG this soon with the team he is building and given how far off the pace PL clubs now seem to be in that competition. As for sir Alex, he was the first to admit that we under achieved in Europe.

This season is par for where united are currently at. Next season the bar will be raised and expectations will have increased to winning a trophy which includes a top 2 finish in the PL. For LFC, being "another Spurs" then a cup run and a top 4 finish once every now and then is the regular par expectation. Which is why LFC did so great last season.

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