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Today I'm listening to the greatest album ever made..

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Bjork - Post (1995)

This Icelandic marvel is such an original talent that even after four Sugercubes albums and a brilliant solo Debut (1993) she still is largely an acquired taste. Army Of Me is a turbulent dark tune that makes use of hypnotic industrial rhythms. Army Of Me is almost conventional next to the very eclectic material that follows. Working with producers like Tricky and U2 producer Nellee Hooper, Bjork loosens up unique voice on a Gershwin cover- the adorable It's Oh So Quiet. Ambient dub tracks like Possibly Maybe and all kinds of fresh dance/pop hybrids (Enjoy, Hyper-Ballad, I Miss You). Bjork is too raw and adventurous for most people, definitely for "mass success", but a more unique and engaging artist like her just doesn't exist.


Any Bjork fans here at Greasy Lake?

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Yep, he sings like a bird though. Great little album that.

His latest is right up there in my best of the year:


I haven't heard that one yet! I need to!

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Roxy Music - Siren (1975)

Released before Roxy Music became essentially a Bryan Ferry project, but after their Brian Eno-influenced art-rock stage, Siren is a snapshot of a band in change and loving it. There's very little boundary-pushing that marked their self-titled debut. Still, Ferry's youthful edge and the bands eye for a good melody will shock listeners who expect to hear "adult contemporary" found on 1982's massive-selling Avalon. This album is a wonderful blending of both camps, the highlight is Love Is The Drug which became Roxy Music's first hit in North America. Overall, this record is solid and accurately demonstrates the various musical styles of this group.


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Currently going through my first listen of Harry Chapin's Vereties And Balderdash. Well, actually it's my first listen of Harry Chapin at all. I visited Spotify to listen to Cat's In The Cradle for the first time in a few years but I know it by Ugly Kid Joe and Johnny Cash and for some reason I decided to listen to the original. Ended up just leaving the album running and I'm really digging what I'm hearing. Shooting Star in particular I absolutely adored.

"He could not make things possible but she could make them holy". Brilliant.

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