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Segue Myles

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6 hours ago, RummagingBedouin said:

JF is bringing back the memories. Had to listen to my first exposure to Winwood. The group I hung with in 1966 were amazed at 18 year old Stevie Winwood. 


Bought this single on the local market, stunning


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Hard to grasp that this is 25 years old now - 10,000 Maniacs Unplugged

Released in Oct '93, I was turned on to this by an associate who had a cube outside my office back then, and he'd play it when we were working late nights. I'd never listened to anything of theirs before, and this format just suited them so well, showcasing their abilities. And it even has a cover of Because the Night :) 

"They were a great band lacking only a compilation, and that's what this record served as.Transitioning from the usual out in the country area where you would expect to hear these tunes to the on the small stage sound given to you by this, it didn't matter where they played as their catchy songs with socially charged lyrics would follow. And there she was, the shyly sexy Natalie Merchant, with her lush, soft , intense and versatile voice, bringing the grace to the nineties. As if she could be singing only for you, close and crystal clear whispering."




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