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Robert Palmer "Woke Up Laughing": the cd inspired by a love of 'world music' which is accompanied by an interview essay outlining the making of each song, which is fascinating and enabled me to appreciate more the work that went into crafting each track so carefully.

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First time listen. Not a bad song on the album. Absolutely love the back and forth responses from the vocals. Rock Lobster is one of my all time favorite songs. One of the best debut albums I’ve listened to.




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1 hour ago, janeymarywendy said:

I haven't played it in ages and forgot how good it is. Some of the songs are a bit samey, but it rocks! Saw them quite a few years ago, during the Bruce-hype.

Hoping they reunite at some point. Too many great songs in their library that need to be played. I don't believe Brian is too keen on this, though....:(

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