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Segue Myles

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Playing as I'm typing this ...


The song "My Boy": being a dad of an 8 year old boy who is certainly growing up way too fast, I cannot even get past the first few lines of that song without getting way too emotional.

No way can I listen to it all of the way through.

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its a song about the peeps that voted for dubya.

Is it Randy Newman? it sounds a bit like him.

nrbq was one of the greatest rock and roll bands in all of america at one time managed by capt lou albano. rip

You will have to ignore my ignorance here as I have never heard of them.

Thanks for clarifying.

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The Who - Quadrophenia (1973)

After Who's Next this is my secondary album by the band. Their sixth release tells the story of being an adolescent in the "mods" and "rockers" era 1964/65. Pete Townshend admitted in an interview with NME that Quadrophenia was the bands "last great album" which is quite refreshing honesty in an industry full of pretentious bullshit. The name of the album was taken from the popular usage of the medical diagnostic term schizophrenia as dissociative identity disorder to reflect the four distinct personalities of the albums main character Jimmy. Additionally, the 1979 film of the same name is also one that resonated with me particularly, the movie is always enjoyable to watch and really ties up the overall theme of the Quadrophenia project nicely. Lastly, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder has stated many times that Quadrophenia is his favourite all-time album which has inspired much of his own writing.


Quadrophenia (Film) 1979


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