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Disc 4 of the Road To Ruin box set - THE RAMONES - Live at the Palladium, 12/31/79.

This is a good boot of it:


and on this (and on Gabba Gabba Hey [Fuck The Grind], you can hear the drums beginning after Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment for Rock and Roll High School! Here on the box set they edited it out, wisely -

and the site for the deluxe box set still says the same damn lie:

The final CD has a previously unreleased recording of the band’s entire 1979 New Year’s Eve concert, which was mixed live by Stasium, and broadcast on WNEW-FM. This was recorded in New York City at The Palladium, and the audio has been sourced from Tommy Ramone’s original cassette of the console recording!


"Entire" is a lie.

What a shame, this show is incredible.

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4 hours ago, riverdude2 said:


and a different version to the album.


One of the greats.

Did you know he played the slide guitar solo on this? According to Ricky he asked if he could because he loved the song, apparently...


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