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Albums You've Listened To Today

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Today I'm listening to the greatest album ever made..

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One of the four albums I consider my favorite album.

I guess I put Darkness fifth.

this is a masterpiece of sorrow and melancholy and the trauma shows. (He actually had PTSD after recording this album from the mere recording of it. Poor Jackson. He had it all his life, far before this (from the school fire, the furnace exploding) and then for many years after this - after a brief moment of some happiness, before it all fell apart.

Blues ran the game for him too.

Blues runs the game for many of us

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Pet Sounds; I'm going to be perfectly honest here, I have never quite seen the greatness of this album that so many do. It's well recorded for that period, and has great arrangements which are way ahead of their time and Wilson was a master of the mixing desk, I just don't like the music much, or the songs for that matter with the exception of God only Knows.

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