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Segue Myles

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Only the first half, as 20 Hank Williams songs are more than enough for Monday evening, and it doesn't help Song nr. 20 is Howlin' At The Moon. Most, if not all,  of the other 19 (better: other 39) are good, very good and  great songs though and it is amazing how many of these songs are true classics. The other 20 songs tomorrow.



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One of my favorite albums of all time, top 4 I'd say:


from: https://www.discogs.com/Wipers-Wipers-Box-Set-Is-This-Real-Youth-Of-America-Over-The-Edge/release/752378

Mark Prindle's Record Reviews: http://markprindle.com/wipers.htm

* Over The Edge - Trap 1983 *


Well yes, the very first riff is stolen from The Dickies' "Give It Back,"* but (a) it's not even the best riff in the song, and (b) the rest of the album KICKS ABSOLUTE SONGWRITING EMOTIONAL UPTEMPO ROCK ASS. Plus, isn't it probable that The Dickies specifically wrote that song hoping that somebody would steal it, thus rendering its title ironic? I think that's most likely precisely the situation.

Before I forget to mention this, let me DEMAND that you go online or to The Tire Store or wherever you buy CDs and purchase an item called The Wipers Box Set. This 3-disc set includes remastered versions of the first three albums, plus tons of bonus tracks (rarities, outtakes and remixed album tracks), all at the cost of a single CD. I'm not reviewing it separately here because I think I'd get annoyed at all the bonus 'remixes' and give it a lower grade than it deserves. But YOU NEED IT!

Over The Edge is the pinnacle of Wipers achievement, and a near-spotless collection of emotional punk-speed scorchers. Some reach to Heaven with guitarms of passion, confusion and desperation; others combine the retro vibe of Is This Real? with the killer songwriting of Youth Of America (check out the mean-as-nails rockabilly "Romeo," blissful reverbed two-chorder "Messenger" and heavy-hearted Del Shannoner "No One Wants An Alien"). Every song is uptempo, the guitar tones are once again absolutely gorgeous (some fuzzed-out, others straight outta the reverbed, ringing '60s), Greg has developed into a singer as intense and melodic as his songwriting, and most importantly good sweet jesus god are these fanfuckingTASTIC rock songs. "Only the good die young!" he wails. "In a Doom Town!" he mourns. "Romeo roam. Roam Romeo" he sorta just says in a low voice.

Aside from the unfortunate stolen riff of the title track (which may have just been an accident), the only song on here that doesn't strike absolute pay dirt both musically and emotionally is the decent but kinda all-over-the-place 50's throwback "What Is." The others are IT. The Crazy Horse guitarwork is back in "The Lonely One," menacing open chords drive "No Generation Gap," pissed-off fuzzed-punk blasts apart "This Time," unique 3-beat guitar rhythms distinguish "Now Is The Time," and genius songwriting, recording, playing and singing permeate the entire album.


*(he's wrong, It doesn't sound like Give It Back)



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On 7/30/2020 at 11:57 AM, ludomichel said:


I still haven't picked this album up but curiously I was checking out a number of the tracks on Spotify today.

I was chatting about it on another thread a while back.

It certainly strikes me as a different, quite experimental (almost operatic in places) album.

I'm intending picking up a copy but I kinda feel it's an album I'll need to be in the right mood for.

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24 minutes ago, Walker in the sun said:


After a slow start I’m really starting to engage with this. Had to swap my green pressing for black tho’. Former was noisy - black perfect, and cheaper! Anyone else found similar?

It sounds fantastic in High Resolution on Qobuz.

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