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1 hour ago, janeymarywendy said:

And what do you think, soulc?

Well I liked it enough that I ordered a used copy of an earlier CD edition (less dry sounding, and I think also more audience - I hope more audience...). (This was after looking online and reading about what was done to the sound of it in this site called thejudyroom.com....and then going out driving 20 minutes away to this store I used to go to and see if they had a copy, with no luck of course)

I thought it was overall fantastic! It took a few songs or more for it to really hit me how great it was though. First listen; I need to hear it again. I can't wait for the CD set of it. Some truly incredible performances there. And her singing's just incredible (as usual).

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and I curse the life I'm living, and I curse my poverty

"but wasn't he a most peculiar man?" he lived in himself, he had no friends, he seldom spoke, in his silent world

and he turned on the gas and went to sleep with the windows closed so he'd never wake up (lucky bastard)



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