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8 hours ago, Blackcowboys01 said:

Street-Legal is the 18th studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on June 15, 1978 by Columbia Records. The album was a departure for Dylan, who uses a large pop-rock band including female backing vocalists.

Street Legal could qualify as Dylan's most underrated album.

But Bob Dylan's album sleeves were not better in 1978.

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19 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

U2's second best behind War

I would say Achtung Baby is their best album, better than The Joshua Tree which I always thought slightly overrated.

Both are not in my top 3 favourite U2 albums though.

(Posting this on a U2 forum would maybe get me banned, or at least accused of trolling...:D

...or asked if I am really a fan...:lol:; I still consider myself a fan after all those years; but very old-school, fan of their early music pre-Joshua Tree).

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This is a good and enjoyable album if you are a fan (or more: sort of), but not really the legendary debut album. Including even a Dylan cover (All I Really Want To Do). But greatness was just around the corner (well, four years, but let's say it was worth the wait!). [the classic second album Goodbye Jumbo, released 4 years after this one].


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