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Albums You've Listened To Today

Segue Myles

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I haven't had the radio on today ...dont want to know a sports result before watching at 15.00 UK ( welsh ) time...so been playing LPs;

Bruce; Western Stars Film

Bob Dylan; the new one and More Blood

Paul Heaton; Manchester Calling x2

Stooges; 1970 Goose Lake

Christy Moore; early Years; double

Cure; Greatest Hits

Fontianes DC; Heros Death


I have been doing some painting as well.



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It's only rock and roll but I like it!:)

The original vinyl album is pretty great. The 'bonus tracks' on the CD version not so much, sadly. More is not always better.


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So that was not a good idea. Listen to the worst album of my favourite band of all time, for the first time in many years.

My personal opinion was always this album is more dull than really bad. And dull it indeed is. You don't expect an R.E.M. album to be dull. Even worse, some songs are really bad. Oh dear.

This all said, at least there is Leaving New York, arguably the last truly great R.E.M. song. While the next two (final two) R.E.M. albums are both better albums than Around The Sun, neither has a song so great as Leaving New York on it; or a great song anyway.


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