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I will stick to my 68-75 wheelhouse and let those older and younger handle other years.

I have known that song since The Wonder Stuff covered it (really well I think) in the late 80's

However I had never thought to look up the original.

Apparently, it is this:

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And from 1965 - banned in many places, but still hit #1 in the US in a few short weeks

more 60s vibe written and produced by Jimmy Webb

Arguably the greatest one hit wonder ever

Hey JF....What number did this baby reach on the Billboard singles Charts ? :wacko:

Oh, didn't realize they had to be top ten hits.

Not sure who died an made me boss lol ...But i always assumed to be a one hit wonder that it helped if the song was actually... you know...a hit ....But Top 20 is fine :)

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Believe it or not...number 13.

Thats what i get for being a wise ass ... :lol: Its actually got some nice harmonies, not sold on her voice ...But i kind of like it.

For months it was my little brothers favorite song. He played the 45 constantly.

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This "Aussie" classic is worth mentioning, The Divinyls and their ode to female masturbation.....I Touch Myself.


It all depends on the perspective created by geography. Divinyls are far from one hit wonders here. Many charting songs and albums from the early 80's through to the mid 90's or so. Infact, I would suggest that the average 40 plus Aussie could namemore Divinyls hits than another classic rock act like, say, Tom Petty

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