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And from 1965 - banned in many places, but still hit #1 in the US in a few short weeks

more 60s vibe written and produced by Jimmy Webb

Arguably the greatest one hit wonder ever

Soul Asylum is certainly not a one-hit wonder, Misery was a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Charts. Also Without A Trace and Somebody To Shove were minor singles too.

I always disliked Blind Melon though, they were the opening band for Lenny Kravitz at the PNE Coliseum in Vancouver. It was Halloween 1993, singer Shannon Hoon was so drunk he could hardly even stand-up. During the concert he ended up unzipping his pants and peeing off the side of the stage. What an ass!


Fair play... Soul Asylum only had one hit in Europe though as far as I remember...

Blind Melon were awesome... they were hit and miss live... guess you got a miss... but their 2 albums released while Hoon was still alive, and the posthumous album of leftovers are all amazing. Hoon had one of the most unique voices of the 90s, and so much soul in that voice it hurts.

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Soul Asylum - Misery

I would say they are OHW but in the UK it would be for this song:

I had never heard Misery before.

That's the one I posted... he's trying to show they were NOT a OHW.

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Big Country - In A Big Country (1983)

I think they had some more hitsingles in the U.K.? Look Away was a hitsingle? Of course they were not a singles band.

Great debut album The Crossing but it went all a bit downwards after that. 2nd album Steeltown also very good, but not as great as The Crossing.

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