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The 2015/16 FC Barcelona and La Liga Thread: "Glory Days"


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Week 3 Liga BBVA Results

Levante v Sevilla 1-1

Espanyol v Real Madrid 0-6

Sporting v Valencia 0-1

Atletico Madrid v Barcelona 1-2

Real Betis v Real Sociedad 1-0

Granada v Villarreal 1-3

Athletic Bilbao v Getafe 3-1

Celta Vigo v Las Palmas 3-3

Malaga v Eibar 0-0

Rayo v Deportivo 1-3

Leo The Lion - +1 for the correct Levante v Sevilla score Total Points: 3

GreetingsFromVancouverBC - +2 for the correct Sporting v Valencia and Atletico Madrid v Barcelona scores. Total Points: 2

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Looking forward to Barcelona's debut of their 3rd strip today. It's a new blue kit dubbed "Night Rising". I usually never purchase the away kits instead only focus on the traditional home Blaugrana but I'm going to make an exception for this one.




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Week 4 Liga BBVA Predictions

Sept 18

Getafe v Malaga: 1-1

Sept 19

Real Madrid v Granada: 3-1

Eibar v Atletico Madrid: 1-2

Valencia v Real Betis: 1-0

Real Sociedad v Espanyol: 2-2

Sept 20

Sevilla v Celta Vigo: 2-1

Villarreal v Athletic Club Bilbao: 3-2

Las Palmas v Rayo: 3-3

Deportivo v Sporting: 2-0

Barcelona v Levante: 2-0

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Totally forgot...

Sept 19

Eibar v Atletico Madrid: 1-1

Real Sociedad v Espanyol: 2-0

Sept 20

Sevilla v Celta Vigo: 2-0

Villarreal v Athletic Club Bilbao: 2-1

Las Palmas v Rayo: 2-1

Deportivo v Sporting: 0-1

Barcelona v Levante: 4-0

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Messi pulled down just inside the box and clipped his heels but Messi misses the PK shot sending the ball skyward. Very poor PK for Messi.

As much as it pains me to say it, PK's are one thing Cristiano Ronaldo does very well.

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Rakotic takes the ball off a Levante defender who clips him in the box and Rokotic crashes down into the keeper. Obvious card or PK should have been given but nothing doing.

Personally I say it's bullshit on that lack of call!

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