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Light Of Day sob story


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I know this will probably get bumped to the ticket section but who reads that while there's no sign of a tour? I'm desperate for 2 X Combo tix or 2 for The Paramount Saturday show....Will settle for 1 ticket tho

I stupidly booked flights from UK to NJ and hotel reservations for January 2016 Lod week, months ago. Yes stupidly believing i would get light of day tickets yesterday when they went on sale. Yep!! Sold out in minutes with my only hope being StubHub sky high $400-$800 per ticket.

After hearing recently I'm going to be a Grandad for the 1st time future Lods will be totally out the question. If anybody has a couple of spares or just 1 would be a start and much appreciated. If your open to bribery & corruption you will drink as much as you like at the Friday Stone Pony show......Yes Free drinks, Jack Sh%t, not a penny all night!!

Ive not much hope but no hope if i don't ask. Anyone that can help please message me



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Thanks Joan but already got combo tix. Going to Lod again but missing the main event and taking the 6 hour drive to Pittsburgh for the 1st night of the tour

Sounds like a good trade off. Lucky you on the schedule. Have a great trip.

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