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The OFFICIAL January 16th 2016 Pittsburgh SETLISTVISION Thread


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The first E Street Band show in some 20 months :)

The first of (at least) 24 consecutive performances of the entire River album :mellow:

The first of 12 or so shows that VAbossfan is going to :o

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Updated weather - temperatures around the freezing mark

                               snow showers predicted between about 11am and 5pm


but this is just a taster of much colder temps and heavier snow to come on the Jon Landau tour of Coldest Places in America during winter time tour :angry:

meantime in other parts of the USA not on the tour route temps are in the 70s (20s in Centigrade)  and will be even warmer later on.....

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6 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

ok let's get down to the nitty gritty

who is lucky enough to be going

and what time is kick off if you live in tomorrow land :lol:

Guessing here Daisey ....But i think its an 18 hour time difference ...So 8pm in Pitt is 2PM Sunday where the Koalas play.

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Just checked, its 15.5 hours for me in Adelaide.

10.20 am here on 16/1 right now, 6.50 pm on 15/1 at Imminent Boss Central.

So about 11.30 am tomorrow for me.... I'll meet y'all in the setlist city

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Apparently the board upgrade eat all the previous copies of time differences explained so starting from scratch assuming an 8pm start in Pittsburgh

5pm out on the left coast

no one important in the middle two timezones

8pm in Pittsburgh and other I-95 locations

1am in Blighty

2am in Euroland

3am in BunnyChow Land

noon in the land of Oz (Sydney other cities vary)

2pm in Daisey's corner of the world where the Hobbits live



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32 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

this time tomorrow 

Bruuuuuuuuuuuce :)

maybe a tribute to Bowie up first ?

then meet me in the city ?????

Until the sad news about Bowie, I had Meet Me... down as an almost unbackable certainty as opener after the SNL performance. Still have it as odds on.

I think Meet Me to open, followed by the album performance. But then instead of taking bows and acknowledging the band once the album is over, they should just slam into Heroes straight after finishing the Wreck On The Highway outro. I can hear it in my head, it sounds both awesome and fitting.


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I can't believe this!


they give THIS little notice to everyone?!? and WHY?!?


Slight adjustment for tomorrow night's tour opener in Pittsburgh: doors will open at 6pm (earlier than previously stated), 90 minutes prior to the ticketed showtime of 7:30. Visit CONSOL Energy Center's Facebook page for info on the General Admission lottery, which has lottery wristband distribution between 2 and 5pm.
- January 15, 2016 - photograph via @springsteen/Twitter

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4 minutes ago, AMIW said:

not sure i'm a fan of spoilers here I realize everything is allowed over on the dark side - but i'll let the mods decide - oh wise ones???

my bad, didn't think it was a spoiler but I can see how it could be viewed as such. Deleted it

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