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please Samsung Galaxy five help

Daisey Jeep

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Please someone take pity on me and help me

how do I shift my nugs albums from the device to the sd card

the music is all behind that music note icon not actually in music

I lost 9 shows today and I'm spitting tacks

more like crying into my pillow

I transfered them once before and all went well

this time the Bruce hating other half did it from him PC and shifted the files from my downloads and I lost complete shows and large parts of other shows

much yelling snd crying followed

him doing the yelling

he doesn't understand why I have to have every show of the tour and why woud I want more than one version of any one song anyway



please someone help me

I need to work it out soon because nugs are now pumping these shows out

I have tons of space on a 64gig sd card so space is not the issue

when I go to my files and music it is empty so where are the albums I'm seeing and playing every day


and any idea where the missing shows might be hidden 

I tried searching but to do avail 


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There should be a built-in app called My Files or something like that. It's sort of like a file explorer. Use that and find the folder(s) that you want to move to the SD card. Select a folder by holding your finger on it for a second or two. Then in the options menu choose move. Then find the SD card in the list of "drives" and choose that as the destination.

You can also try Google.

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