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The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics (Cats and others welcome as well)

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And this is Gracie ... The new addition .... She is 3.....

This was my Honey. She died 4 years ago tomorrow...she was only 5 .... My first dog .....  I was devastated .....

The enthusiastic participation on SLV threads of Rocky the dog has prompted me to see if Lakers want to post pictures of their canine companions.  Would love to see everyone's furry friends and if the

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11 minutes ago, judyg said:

I don't know, it's like that for me too.  I think it's because it has the stats at the top, which takes up half the screen. 

Yes, suddenly white rather than dark green.

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On 9/22/2020 at 4:54 AM, judyg said:

Happy 5th birthday to Layla!!


Sending you a big gross but loveable drooly dribbly dog kiss birthday girl

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1 hour ago, AMIW said:

i bet @Daisey Jeepis following this news story closely

attempts to rescue Cookie the Cat from up a tree enter their 4th day!


Poor Cookie

We had enough trouble trying to get Borris down from the garage roof !

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I have some secrete kittens im trying to tame im secretly feeding

They are quite big kittens

They turned up at the back door about 4 or 5  weeks ago...maybe a bit longer ??

Before that I used to see them when they were small  at night when i was calling Tibby in for bed

They are homeless 

They moved in under the house - (but not as kittens with a mum) but they now either sleep in Tibby's  bed or on a pile of cat towels in the laundry

I can't afford to feed them  Tibby's  ukinuba so i give them store brand wet food in the morning and dry store brand dry food at night - once they get to the spca they will get the good food

I cant quite pat them but they follow me around the garden and come when called, the ginger will brush around my legs

There were tabby girls and one ginger boy plus a little grey  fluffy that is from a different litter from under the neighbour's house who turns up for at least one meal a day - she is smaller

When i was sick and could hardly get out of bed i could only feed them once a day (breakfast) but it was only for maybe 3 days but i couldn't spend time with them

Some neighbourhod  toms were hanging around and one of the little tabbies went missing - the most freindly one so i hoped someone had taken her in

But tonight when i was outside chasing off the cat Tibby was  about to have a fight with i smelt death

And i found a very deflated pile of stinky fluff in the long grass on the other side of the front fence

She might have got hit by a car (i hope not a dog got her)

I feel so sad

When i was crying while peeling spuds at the sink Borris gave me plenty of love

I guess all the cats already knew but ive been waiting for her to turn back up

Anyway i rang the spca today- they will acess them for suitability for adoption -  so i have to get them freindly 

I mean ive done it before but just not with more than one at a time

They said they would take the stray toms ...and 

Euthanize them, im not being part of that 

That cat that used to live in this house and was abandoned (our house was empty for 5 months) and taken in by the back neighbour and then left behind again - i always thought it was maybe Tibby's  mum and ive been giving it breakfast  down by the garden shed since early this year

Anyway he's  not Tibby's  mum ...he might be Tibby's  dad !

He's not too freindly at all but does talk to me

He's  looking a lot better with some food in his belly and on wet nights he's also been sleeping in the laundry - his eyes look gunky some days and some days look ok

Borris and Tibby don't like him and chase him

Tibby is gentle with the kittens (not trying to rape them at all) but Borris wont go out into the back yard although today i was weeding the rhubarb and Borris was hanging out and a kitten was trying to get her to play

The kittens do try to come inside

Now ive rang the SPCA Gary is ok with feeding them 

Ive done the sums and if Tibby and Borris can just also eat the cheaper wet food just for breakfast i can afford it as the store brand cat food comes in big tins and they did eat it durring lockdown and my cat food budget will stay the same

I feel pretty shitty calling Tibby in for tea and he gets nice food for tea and the kittens get store brand dry food but once they get to the spca they'll  be ok

I also give them Tibby and Borris's left overs 

One wet cold night the ginger was in Tibby's  box with a sister and Tibby,  but Tibby usually just leaves them alone -but the long haired Tabby is Tibby's freind though

They cat kiss - its so cute 

And Tibby is ok with the ginger boy - im not sure how long that will last but Tibby is kinda good with most other neighbourhod  cats 

The kittens play together its so cute, maybe they have already forgotten their sister 

Anyway i do not want a cat colony in my back yard

But i gotta get these guys freindly and adoptable plus Tibby's  dad 

Any ideas anyone ?


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33 minutes ago, stevie54uk said:

Sad weekend for our family, my daughter had to put her cat Fluffy to sleep yesterday and today we have had to put Boyo to sleep . Heartbroken 


Steve, I'm so sorry. I felt like I knew Boyo. Sad for your daughter too.

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10 hours ago, stevie54uk said:

Sad weekend for our family, my daughter had to put her cat Fluffy to sleep yesterday and today we have had to put Boyo to sleep . Heartbroken 


Oh Steve

So sorry to read this

Tibby and Borris send big loving hugs to you all

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Thanks all Boyo was like that loved by everyone he couldn’t have been a better pet . Fluffy was special as well lost a leg 3 years ago with cancer this was her third cancer this time in the jaw both brave and stoic both will be greatly missed

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Had to have my last cat have that final trip to the vet back in August. I have now taken on 3 lovely's who are causing havoc!



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