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The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics (Cats and others welcome as well)

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I have this overwelming urge to make him a 3 course dinner but maybe just a packet of cat food at lunch time would be better for his hungry tummy 

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Borris thinking she is the saddest cat in the world looking out at the rain 

Dear Tibby made this into his day bed one day when i was drying something flat

I finally reverted it back to a clothes horse a couple of wet months ago 


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7 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

Miracles do happen when you're gone for a week. Smokey never does this, that's why Moma snapped the pic.




enjoy while it lasts

they will follow you around all day to make sure you arnt going away again

then Bam ! once they are secure in that thought you might get the cold shoulder for who knows how long:lol:

at least until they are satisfied you feel remorse! 


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