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The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

Jimmy James

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5 hours ago, AMIW said:

Kyle walker breaking lockdown again


and he claims people are picking on him

"This is no longer solely affecting me, but affecting the health of my family and my young children too"

I wonder how hiring those prostitutes effected his young children ?

The lack of self awareness in this selfish overpaid twat is staggering.

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no donkey in the team or cancelo or bravo i think

foden on bench as usual

Your City line-up!

XI | Ederson, Walker, E Garcia, Laporte, Mendy, Gundogan, De Bruyne, Silva (C), Mahrez, Jesus, Sterling

SUBS | Carson, Aguero, Zinchenko, Rodrigo, Sane, Bernardo, Fernandinho, Otamendi, Foden

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Busy day... watching on TIVO while eating my bastard version of  kimchi fried rice and making a dent in the local beer supply; MC wrecked Arsenal like the kimchi is going to wreck me roughly six hours from now.  

By god it's good to be back!  :D


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35 minutes ago, JimCT said:

Should Ederson have gotten a red card for dangerous play? Serious question.

I would agree with you. If he would have taken out an opponent like that it would have been. So why not? 

Plus, I don't like him at all. Makes so many needless errors out of his box. 

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