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The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

Jimmy James

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56 minutes ago, robk1 said:

who would you like ?


Also; what was todays " own goal" like. I was listening on the radio...but could not quite picture it

Cancelo crossed the ball into the box. Bailey tried to send it into the crowd, but the ball hit up his shin no control and into the net.

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That was a solid solid performance by City.

Made the United players look like small kids in a schoolyard running after the ball.


A few times Sancho and Ronaldo made some nice moves and played well. But far away from the City goal where it wasnt dangerous.

They were not allowed near the city goal.

What a way to humiliate an opponent. Being THAT mu h in control.


Just as bad as a few weeks ago when Liverpool stopped scoring after 5-0  as to not humiliate them even more, which is an even bigger humiliationa in itself.


But that City team today was scary!

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16 hours ago, AMIW said:

More dodgy goings on at man city as they get into bed with a mysterious cryptocurrency business


I so want a pro team to get sponsored by a weed business.

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1 hour ago, AMIW said:

Palmer starts mcatee on bench … injury crises?

2 goalies on bench

no sign of grealish, is he worn out by all the tabloid stories of him juggling 3 women No wonder he always look shagged out


With energy like that you can bet he isn't indulging in brown sauce or fizzy drinks.  

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